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Women to watch in Bali

How did Vianca Rechtman go in her own her words, from ”broken” to  thriving after losing her business, falling off a balcony,  and having to start her new studio from scratch. 

I took one of her classes to find out how one goes from being broken to thriving and rebuilding her Pilates Studio stronger than ever!

I had the pleasure of taking one of Vianca’s classes to get a first hand taste of her teaching methods and the woman behind the brand at work. I am greeted by a beautiful smile in a small frame with a powerful commanding presence . When the teaching begins , she’s all business and  really holds the space and is feign about good form . 

 Vianca left New Zealand at the young age of 16 and has lived in London, Barcelona , Sydney and now Bali. Her background is in corporate sales and marketing in the travel industry. Now for the twist !  She had the courage to embark and change her entire career at the age of 40 proving we can always begin again.  

My first question to you is …… what is your super-power ? 

I think I have a real ability to connect with people. Emotional intelligence. I receive  all walks of life coming through my doors to take my classes and I have to be able to relate and connect quickly to my clients and their needs. 

Why did you decide to open up a Pilates studio in Bali ? 

When I become a mother 10 years ago , I decided I wanted to change my career and do something that was both more flexible and more meaningful that helped people. 

When I finished my course after 2.5 years of study. I opened the first Pilates studio in Canggu in 2016 with a partner .

I then bought the business and the brand Bali Pilates Studio, which had already been successfully operating in Seminyak by Robyn Schnoll and reopened solely with my own studio Bali Pilates Plus in 2020 , just as covid was starting. A challenging time to open then close a business, homeschooling my kids but we made it through thankfully. During 2021 the business has been growing both steadily and rapidly.

What are your challenges ? 

Running my own business while being a single mother with 2 children, 8 and 10 years old.

Finding the balance between work, family and personal time, including my own continuing education as a Pilates Teacher

How has Covid affected you and your business ? 

Opening a new business as Covid hit meant closing within 6 weeks and having to do online classes while homeschooling my children. An investor I had  secured prior to Covid with the intention of moving to a larger studio space, also decided that they wanted to play it safe and pulled out of coming on board.  On the flipside, staying small has been a blessing to ride out the uncertainty of business during Covid times and being in the wellness industry has been a positive …... more people have focused on their health and wellness. 

I know your children's father was stuck outside of the country for over a year ….how did you manage raising two kids and running a business ? 

It was very, very challenging but I had a great support network around me and was very determined , so I just focused one day at a time and one client at a time to grow the business.

How did you grow during this process ? 

I think the world has slowed down, refocused on the priority of family, wellness and friends.  When you focus on being grateful for what you have, what one can make happen, rather than looking externally then you can only grow and move forward one step at a time. A positive goal, a focused mindset makes all the difference.

What do you think is the biggest  misunderstanding around Health and Wellness ? 

That you have to change or tackle everything at the same time. Small consistent steps with your health, diet, exercise and mindset are what will create long term and positive changes.

You had a horrible fall from a balcony can you tell us about that ? 

It was a very humbling and painful experience. I was unable to work/teach for 6 months. For someone that is used to feeling and connecting with my body through Pilates, it was very challenging to have to stop, rest and give my body and mind a chance to heal. In some ways, it gave me the opportunity to reset and redefine my goals and who I was without my work. 

How did your accident affect you mentally ? 

It was very difficult mentally, particularly when you are in pain from a fractured neck and nerve damage. However, it is often the most toughest and most challenging times in life, when the  biggest lessons are learnt and we come back stronger and better.

Do you think your teaching has changed since your accident ? 

Yes absolutely, I have more empathy for trauma and pain from injuries and accidents when I am teaching, particularly with my private rehab clients

Can you share with us how you see your clients bodies change  ? 

It varies from client to client and what they and their body needs when they first come into the studio, but the overarching change is more balanced and a stronger body, better movement, posture and alignment and a shift in consciousness to connect with their body and movement.

What is the be biggest misconception we have about working out and mental “Well Being” ?

That you have to feel your muscles burning, push yourself to fatigue to get results. Consistency is the key, working big and small muscles, having a wellness program that is balanced with food, stretching, strengthening and also personal time to rest and enjoy time with friends and family. Thus giving the body all the tools to safely and efficiently make positive change mentally and physically

How important is diet ?

I don’t like to use the term diet as it has negative connotations and can have adverse effects mentally for both younger and older people. What is important is to focus on eating well balanced meals ,  fresh fruit and vegetables, cutting down on processed and refined sugar. It is a way of life, more than a diet which generally is just a short change or shift.

There is a general rule that to keep a healthy BMI  80% is about what you eat (nutrition), 20% is exercise. 

How important is it to have women in your life ? 

I surround myself with positive females. Strong independent woman. Positive females can lift you up with energy to draw upon when you need it the most. Woman should inspire each other to be great.

How can Pilates help us release trauma from the body ? 

Trauma gets trapped in our body and nervous system . Breathing settles the nervous system. Meditation and focus on the body helps release the trauma on a cellular level. You begin to learn about your body and the connection between mindful movement. A Journey to discovery inside your own body.  

Life habits start to form with this awareness that carry into everyday life.  A ripple effect begins from awareness to well-being. 

What is there you would like us to know about yourself ? 

I am a very proud Kiwi with Maori and English parents. I come from a long line of chiefs on my Maori family (whanau) side. I have always had a strong, determined, and proud internal drive from my lineage and culture.

What is something you wish every woman knew ? 

That you are and always will be enough and that you can and will achieve, everything you want in life if you stay on your path, never give up and believe in yourself,

Vianca has a thirst for knowledge to never stop learning and growing as a person. She encourages all woman to never give up on their dreams and goals , to have something outside of family , boyfriend or workand to have time for yourself. If there is one “take away” I think we can all learn, “  is to NEVER GIVE up on oneself !.  

We hope Viancas story has inspired you to take a risk and reinvest in yourself no matter what challenges you have. Next time you are in Bali , try one of her retreats or drop in for a class. I left feeling refreshed and inspired to keep going on my journey.  Leave us a comment we would love to hear what challenge or risk your taking on this year.      

About the Author

 Laura Abeyta, migrated from Venice beach California 4 years ago after 12 years of trips visiting Bali. Her documentary film experience and her passion for backstory give her a unique insider lens to Bali. Lauras love of people the art of sharing their dreams and vision of the person and the soul of the brand is what she enjoys bringing to our readers. You can find Laura up loading great content for her app HappNow to share Bali with the world.   


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