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Zero waste movement hits Bali

Alive whole food, Nourish, Soil Food Temple, glass jars and a no plastic ban. Bali has definitely embraced the zero- waste movement. The no more plastic bags policy that was started by two teens Melati and Isabel Wijsen in 2018.

When you think of Bali you think of ideal, pristine beaches but a major change was in need with the influx of so many tourist on such a small island. The new conscience digital nomads the  youth of today not to mention the government realize how import it is to keep Bali green and clean. 

What is it ?

The conservation of all resources by mean of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human health. Now that’s a mouth full. 

Let’s showcase a few of Balis star players leading the charge.

Alive Market

 “They passionately source Bali's cleanest and greenest suppliers of all natural wholefoods & healthcare because this is what they personally care about too! They focus on providing you with an all natural shopping experience, in a sanitary environment, supplying goods to support stellar local eco-farmers on the island, as well as offering you a selection of your favorite imported goods that are difficult to source in our precious small island home.

There items are organic where possible, preservative + additive free & made with love and care. They choose to wrap in banana leaf, provide foods in bulk AND and limit plastic and encourage recycling where possible! They compost and give it back to the farmers....

When you shop at Alive Wholefoods you are supporting our beautiful delicate environment by choosing to avoid mass produced and unsustainable farming practices. You are also supporting your own physical health and well-being & helping the local economy grow.”

Alive Market


"The first eco-friendly organic market in Seminyak. They sell all organic food such as meat, fruit, dairy, bulk foods, oil, snacks, dessert and juices. They also perform and support the campaign of minimum waste shopping to save the island. Located in the heart of Bali Seminyak, they are ready to serve the goodness for Seminyak peeps. Shop simply on their website and they deliver to you. Be environmental, not judgmental!”


 Reduce refill reuse is the motto for Nourish with a emphasis on organic, locally sourced. The believe in nutrient rich foods served in their cafe. They have just added a market, a welcomed and wonderful addition to Uluwatu. It is such a treat to go in and see all the curated goodies they offer, that are not only good for you but do not hurt the environment.

The owner is building is building a pool on the grounds to teach local Indonesians to swim, not only is zero waste important but so is giving back to the community.


Melati and Isabel Wijsen, two teenage sisters from Bali, have managed to convince Bali to ban plastic bags. They wanted to address the island’s pressing trash problem.

They organized beach clean ups, went on a hunger strike, and creating petitions, nothing was going to stop these two young sisters. They also delivered a Ted Talk in which they explain how action had to be taken. IT shows you that age is just a number the power is in your voice and action demonstrated by these 12, and 13 year olds sisters. 

Now the power is your hands to make a difference on the planet wherever you live.

About the Author

 Laura Abeyta, migrated from Venice beach California 4 years ago after 12 years of trips visiting Bali. Her documentary film experience and her passion for backstory give her a unique insider lens to Bali. Lauras love of people the art of sharing their dreams and vision of the person and the soul of the brand is what she enjoys bringing to our readers. You can find Laura up loading great content for her app HappNow to share Bali with the world.   


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